2 days Training
For Who
Product marketing managers, marketing support teams, industry marketing professionals, and marketing executives
Blended Instructor-led training & e-learning (other options available)
Instructor-led training in 20 languages and e-learning in 7 Languages

A program that introduces a repeatable and proven methodology that enables marketers to develop differentiated positioning messages for their products and services. This messaging shows buyers how those offerings solve business problems and create tangible value. In addition, this methodology helps marketers to apply those messages in practical and impactful ways to improve the effectiveness of promotional and sales activities.

  • How to change mindset from product and features to customer value
  • Methods to generate higher quality leads
  • Ways to differentiate solution capabilities against competitive alternatives
  • How to enable sales professionals to prepare and conduct insightful sales conversations
  • How to create product marketing messaging to be used throughout the entire buyer engagement cycle
key business outcomes:
  • Higher win rates due to better quality leads
  • Increased cross selling and up selling
  • Improved sales results for new and upgraded products and services
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